More than a century after Edison invented the light bulb

half of Africa is still in the dark

Who we are


PHYSIS is a development and management company operating in the renewable energy industry. PHYSIS promotes biomass-based projects targeting the sub-Saharan African energy market at large.

We are a team of professionals who are passionate about Africa, and who share one vision : that no development is possible without energy.

We pool our resources and expertise together to bring energy to various parts of Africa where it is badly needed.

Our Values


We believe in using agriculture to help people earn a decent living with dignity.

We want to help people start working the land again, and not exploiting it.

We believe in biomass as a source of stable, clean, people-empowering baseload energy.

We are passionate about Africa and want to be instrumental to its development.


What we do

We do Bioenergy

PHYSIS promotes biomass-based projects targeting the sub-Saharan African energy market and other emerging markets

Our core services are: the design, the setup and the management of power plants.

However, we have developed a vertically integrated model for the production of renewable and baseload energy from biomass in our power plants.

Our subsidiary, Biomass Agri Solutions (BAS), is the agricultural arm of our group. BAS grows energy crops, manages plantations, trains and supports farmers, provides field management services, harvesting and transporting services to supply the power plant.

We also supervise the fundraising for all our projects through another related entity. We work with professional financial structuring firm MAERID Capital for power plant projects and irrigation schemes funding requirements.

How we do it

Our approach

In response to the question ‘Can bioenergy replace coal?’, the McKinsey Report (September 2014) reports that biomass offers one of the most capital-efficient transitions from coal to renewables.

PHYSIS solutions are centered around biomass as it provides a reliable source of energy from agriculture. This agricultural energy solution results in renewable and sustainable development.

PHYSIS has brought together the best technologies for (i) agricultural development, (ii) feedstock preparation and (iii) electricity generation. This gives PHYSIS solutions a fully integrated nature, thus providing a quick and reliable turnkey project implementation.

The solutions provided by PHYSIS are designed for the African requirements and have the valuable advantage of providing jobs for both skilled, and more importantly, unskilled workers


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